Drowning among all fish

The main reason I started this blog was because of the requirements in an on-line course about open network learning that I am attending. The course is divided in several “topics”. Each topic has a specific time. This week is for example the end of topic 1 and topic 2 starts next week.

Each participant is placed in something called a PBL-group. My PBL group has eight members and two facilitators. So far we have had two on-line meetings (in adobe connect). The third meeting is tomorrow and there will probably be a last meeting on topic 1 on Friday.

I don’t feel completely comfortable in the PBL-pedagogy yet. I find it quite difficult to understand what we are supposed to accomplish or do. We have been asked to contribute to common guidelines and other documents in Google docs. I like collaborating on text in Google docs. It feels really efficient, but in this PBL-work we probably need some sort of method to decide what to keep in a document and when it is finished.

We are working in something called the FISh-model. This is something I don’t know if I fully understand yet or maybe it doesn’t work for me. First we should “focus” on a presented scenario. This “focusing” should be documented and so far a couple of members in the PBL-groups have done this. Not me, because I find it….well, I think my brain stops working because I don’t understand the task and I get performance anxiety (prestationsångest in Swedish, don’t know if it’s called that in English). I’ve watched the webinar and read all the texts we are supposed to read…but I still don’t get it. And when two or three persons have written in the document,  it doesn’t feel necessary to suggest more “focus”-stuff. Or maybe….I don’t know.Tomorrow we will have another Adobe Connect-meeting and continue to work with the “investigation” and “solution”-phases of the FISh-model. Maybe some things will be clearer after that.


3 thoughts on “Drowning among all fish

  1. But our fish is shiny golden right now! I do agree with you that the uncertainty is sometimes a bless but the need for clear instruction is deep inside us. Residents of visitors, the hesitation of publishing something that we fear may not be exactly what is expected is strong. I also share your doubts about PBL as a pedagogical approach, I still cannot say I know something about it and the very scientific articles were not too much help for me either, unfortunately.


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