Short reflections

Now we’ve moved on to topic 2 in the ONL-course. I think my group produced a nice presentation, but I’m still not sure about what we’re acutally doing and if we’re experiencing some sort of collective learning here. Maybe we’re not even supposed to…but I think that should be one important aspect of PBL, no?

My main concern is that I don’t think we’re working with the scenarios enough. First I have to say that I think the scenarios are not very interesting. I find it difficult to explain exactly why…maybe it’s because they are a bit predictable. For me, they don’t stimulate any brainstorm or discussion. We can of course produce some sort of presentation accordning to the FISh-model, but….well I don’t know…I thought we would work more collaborative in the acutal learning, not only in producing a presentation. For me, there is an important difference. Maybe it’s the digital filter that prevents us from having real discussions. Adobe connect doesn’s work that well. Poor internet-connection, bad sound and your own voice echoing in your headphones…it makes it difficult.

But, if I would try to be a bit more constructive and leave the PBL-aspects aside, this short summary of “pros and cons” on LVS/VLE versus open social media was really useful I think.


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