Different aspects of openess

It has been hard for me to fully embrace the openess-gospel that is preached within the ONL-course. After a morning Adobe-session with my PBL-Group this morning, I tink some important pieces of the puzzle to why came to place.

If I deconstruct the Openess into the following parts it makes better sence:

  1. Open in terms of me as a teacher using OER (Open Educational Resources), Pictures (CC-licences e.g.) and other stuff to improve my teaching and create more time to interact with my students, instead of one-way communication in form of lectures for 140 students in a room where only one person (me) can speak because of the need of a microphone.
  2. Open in terms of me as a teacher sharing my work with others. I think I’m quite good at this as a researcher (using open access publishing, posting pre-accepted versions of my work on different sites, etc), but I don’t do anything at all when it comes to the teaching aspects of my work. Here I have to transform the literature and “gospel-preaching” in the ONL-course (with e.g. MOOCs and t MIT as examples of how to do it) to my much smaller Swedish context (teaching mainly social law for future social workers) and the sad context of working at a University College with very restricted financial resources. And also, I have to add, students who are very reluctant to even read books or articles in English.
  3. PBL – new perspectives on and in teaching. The third aspect is really not about digital Tools or Openess at all, but about how I can incorporate at least some of the perspectives from PBL in my own teaching – without actually transforming my whole department in to PBL? There is to me an openess aspect here to. Both in terms of being open to do something new or different, and being open in terms of open to change content and form according to my students desires and needs.




6 thoughts on “Different aspects of openess

  1. hi, i have felt the same as you have with regards to been in a classroom with 120 – 250 students, however the move i made to varsity college has changed many aspects of what i used to do and i have found it really exciting due to greater activity and two-way communication smaller classrooms.


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