Carriers of the troublesome violence

The final article from my thesis har now been published online. Here is a link:



Feeling grateful today

I feel I have to write a short post just to express my gratitude towards all my friends and collegues who gratulated me yesterday on my forthcoming thesis and, what is the most important part, help by sharing my thesis online. This is of course an amazing opportunity. Sharing my thesis online means that it reaches a lot more people than I could have imagined. And when you see that people also tag it for special persons, like social workers they know, friends and politicians…that is just wonderful.

And all the nice words my friends and collegues write about me online…I’m truly, truly grateful today.

Nailed it.

Yesterday was a day all about old and somewhat boring academic traditions. The Swedish tradition – and I guess it´s similar in other countries – of getting a doctoral degree includes not only a lot of courses and writing a thesis. You also have to defend the thesis in public. There will be an opponent and also a degree-board who judge your work. In my case all this will happen on October 14th.

But before you get to do this you have to “spika” your thesis. Not later than three weeks before the defense. There is probably a good academic word for “spika” in english that I don’t know. But if you translate the actual word it means to nail something. To the wall. Traditionelly this makes the thesis public so that anyone can read it before the defense. At Linköping University you also have to have a meeting with the faculty dean before you can “spika” your thesis. An hour long meeting. He hasn’t read a single word you’ve written, but after this hour long talk he gives you the formal approval to “spika” the thesis. I have a lot of problems with a lot of things in academia, and this is one of them. To be honest, it’s a complete waste of time. Not at least when you realize that the department of communication normally makes all theses available online weeks before this formal “Spikning”.

But, enough of complaining. Here is a link to the thesis.